Cell phone repair services in Milton, Ontario

Milton Wireless has been repairing cell phones for over a decade. We offer the most reliable and cost effective cell phone repair solutions in the Milton Area.

The following are cell phone damage repairs we offer:

  • Cracked screen replacement
  • Water damage repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Cell phone Speaker and Microphone Repairs
  • No speaker sound, Crackle Noise, Buzzing sound, No vibrate repairs
  • Cell phone Charging issues, Charging Port
  • Faulty Keypads and button repairs
  • Volume keys, Power button, hangup button repairs
  • Camera freeze, white balance repairs


We are successful in the cell phone mobile repair business because of our integrity and professionalism. We provide reliable cell phone repair to any damage. We thrive to be the leaders in the cell phone repair business. We provide prompt diagnosis efficient repairs to your mobile phone.

Milton Wireless will fix the following list of phones:

  • iPhone
  • Blackerry Smart Phones
  • Android Smart Phones
  • Flip Phones
  • Conventional Phones
  • Virtually ANY CELL PHONE!

Send us an email info@miltonwireless.com or call 905.901.2373 

A cellphone expert will be in contact with you in le ss than 4 business hours.